Sunday, August 31, 2008

Up to my ankles

Yesterday was all about the expo.  It was a long day, and it was the busiest expo day I've seen on the tour so far.  I spent much of the day helping to sell shoes, restock shoes, and clean up our space from shoes left on the floor in addition to our normal marketing efforts.  It sounds like this will be more of the norm from here on out at the large marathon events.

We were unable to set up at the finish line yesterday because of the number of people on the boardwalk, so we got up before 4AM today instead.  We finished setup and got to watch the sun rise on the beach.

As finishers began to come in, the beach very quickly became crowded with people.  Stephen ran the race, so we were busy covering the register for him in addition to doing cheer signs and footbaths this morning.

The ice baths for feet were a huge hit.  We had close to 200 people utilize them today, which is great considering the next best event had about 30 footbaths.

The booth was also packed, and the walls were left looking a little bare when we packed up for the day.  Overall, our busiest event by far since I started the tour.

I had some afternoon back pain issues (even when consciously trying to lift with the legs, this job can take a toll) and spent much of the afternoon in bed napping and watching football while trying to relax my spine.  I'm feeling much better now.  One of the nice bonuses of being a sponsor/vendor is getting access to all the VIP areas.  That included tonight's concert VIP area, which had a tasty dinner and open bar.  

I headed down to the concert area with Molly and eventually met up with Stephen and Lyndsay.  The B-52s were the headlining band, and they weren't particularly exciting.  All their songs sounded the same, including "Love Shack".

We were also much closer to the pier they shoot fireworks off tonight.  The fireworks at 10:30PM seems to be a regular thing.  Overall, a good night.  I ended up walking back along the beach, which is highly relaxing and a great way to clear the mind.

Tomorrow we'll sleep in a bit (8 or 9 for me). I plan to jump in the ocean and swim around a bit in the morning, and then we'll probably end up in the DC area tomorrow night.  I'm excited to see Perry and Rhett, who are both in DC.  After that, we have a weekend off, and I'll be flying back to Utah for a bit to see my parents.

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