Friday, August 15, 2008

The Team

I realized that more than a month into the trip, I'm using the names of my teammates without ever really explaining who they are. So, this is when I attempt to introduce my teammates in a biographical manner. The biographies will likely be based in the truth, but will also undoubtedly have many inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and probably some made-up stories and will be anything but a reliable account of who they actually are. That said,


Nate graduated from some university in Ohio last year with some sort of fancy schmancy masters degree in sports business. He's the only surviving member of the original '08 Crocs running tour marketing team (surviving the tour, that is). His parents own restaurants in Colorado and spoiled him with good food as a child, and as a result he likes to eat, and eat good food at that (which I can certainly deal with). He thinks that he can eat a lot, but there's no doubt in my mind I can outdo him with relative ease.

Nate runs a lot. He's currently training for one of the marathons coming up that our team will be working, and has his distance worked up to around 17 thousand miles. He also swims, bikes, apparently plays some tennis, and basically does whatever he wants and usually makes it look easy.

Nate has a girlfriend who we got to meet in Nashville briefly. She recently started a new job in Dallas, so he is constantly scheming about how to invent a teleporter between the hotel room closet and Texas.

Also, he never drinks water at a restaurant without lemon.


I think I can get Molly accurate to some degree given our common path to this job. She graduated from the U of Oregon the same year I did (which would be this year if you're keeping track). She has the same degree I do, and also the same marketing concentration. Throughout the course of the trip, we've found we share many friends and acquaintances, and yet we really only knew of each other at school through AMA's work with her Hybrid.STAND project for KEEN footwear. It's odd we never really ran into each other at school outside of that.

Anyway, Molly is from Park City as you've hopefully figured out from recent posts, and her family is pretty rad. In her free time when she's not studying my eating habits or zoning out in the truck, she likes to read, exercise, and wander unfamiliar cities. She has a new scar on her wrist from a fierce fight with a trash bag full of shoes. You should see the trash bag.

She'll be doing her first triathlon this weekend - the final Danskin women's sprint triathlon of the year, and I have no doubt she'll finish well. That is assuming we can get her a bike. Otherwise the plan is to have Marco give her a 12 mile piggy back ride. That could hurt her time a bit (and Marco's pride, hand, and knees for that matter).

Go blow away the competition this weekend!


I'm not sure who this guy is. He just showed up one day and started selling shoes. He seems to go to Mexico a lot and rumor has it he resides somewhere in Texas. He also works for some ad agency, and apparently he decided that they're better than we are, because he'll be leaving the tour after a few more events. He insists that it's because of the stresses of school and work (not even including the travel for Crocs) that he's leaving, but I think he just doesn't like us (who would?).

Marco also has a random blog that usually confuses me. I see him in the hotel one minute and the next he's posting pictures from Mexico. Body double? Identical twins? An evil twin?


Stephen is a trickster. He'll tap you on the left shoulder when he's on your right, and we think he might have wanted to stab someone once. He once threatened me with a spoon. He has his roots in Texas somewhere near Marco, and spent some of his recent years as a serious endurance mountain biker (12 and 24 hour races - he must utilize the same skills in conversation that he did while training for those long races).

He also seems to know everyone everywhere which can come in handy. He's been on Tour with Crocs since last year and this year is the retail manager. We haul around the shoes. He sells them. Marco does too. He has a fiance/serious girlfriend that works for Southwest so he flies for free much of the time. As a result, he is always hopping around the country from event to event while we're stuck with an overheating truck in the middle of the desert.

His personality should come with a warning label (something like "dry clean only"). But I enjoy him.

LYNDSAY (and Marco's evil twin)

Lyndsay was recently thrown overboard from another tour that capsized, and she washed ashore in Massachusetts at our last Danskin event. She decided to make the running tour home just recently, and as of now I still have a lot to figure out about her. She is from New Mexico and when to school in San Diego a few years back. She is infamous for once booking a cruise instead of a hotel for an off week on tour. She has a personality that will mesh well with the rest of the Q team.

As the picture clearly shows, Marco's evil twin is trying to eat her soul, so I better get to know all the important details soon.

All in all, I wouldn't want any other team with me on the road than the one I have.

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  1. good. sounds like you're in capable hands of people who don't take shit. lol good times