Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lazy day - much needed

I slept in this morning (if 8:30 is considered sleeping in) and for the first time since the trip started, I did absolutely nothing productive with my morning. I sat around and read magazines, ate some food, and messed with iPhone settings. It felt wonderful.

For lunch, I decided to wander out to a Mexican place that Molly pointed out. On the way, I saw another Lotus. They must be a popular car in Utah. I've seen plenty of other sports cars on the road (including a Carrerra GT in New York) but the only Lotuses I've seen have been in Utah. I'm not sure why that's relevant, or if it even is relevant, but I'm writing about it anyway.

After lunch I walked up towards Park City Resort and spotted the Jagermeister promotional tour bus parked next to the Clif Bar 2 mile challenge promotional tour bus. It got me thinking, why don't we have a tour bus?

Truck rant time. Our trucks really aren't meant for the type of highway driving we put them through. They're basically city delivery trucks - tiny engines, no air ride suspension, extremely non-aerodynamic and worst of all, they're automatic. Driving down one decent in Pennsylvania, I was alternately having to use the engine brake, use the foot brake, and shift down to avoid smoking out the breaks or redlining the engine, respectively. If only there were more gears to shift down into...

Anyway, I think a bus would be a much better promotional vehicle. Our trucks are cute and all, but there's just something sleek and sexy about a tour bus. There's a certain rock star element involved.

I checked out the Park City Olympic plaza as well. During my few days here, I've gotten to see the locations where many of the alpine events were held in 2002. It's definitely gotten me in Olympic fever mode just in time. Here's hoping these games are exciting.

After returning to the Hart residence (Molly's family), I went with her dad to hit some golf balls at Promontory, a private golf club/residential community. Later, Molly and her mom showed up and we went out for nine holes, which ended up being seven because we got hungry. I played well for the first 5 holes, then fell apart on the last two. Regardless, it was a beautiful course in a superb setting.

Tomorrow morning we leave to head to Eugene. I'm excited to catch my brother the night before he leaves for Arizona, watch the Olympic opening ceremonies, see some Eugene friends, and pick up one of my bikes to have with hopefully for the duration of the tour.

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