Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today I got up about 6:30 to go for a ride before we headed to Chicago.  it took me forever to get out of the suburbs, but once I did I was treated to some nice rolling farmland.  I ended up doing about 41 miles.  This picture is from the top of a hill.  There wasn't a hill today I couldn't just power through.

Look familiar?

We stopped again at Mars Cheese Castle to sample some cheeses and have lunch.  I also bought some chocolate and a butterscotch root beer, which was very refreshing.

After encountering 38 miles of road construction on the tollway and some slow-moving traffic, we arrived at the Chicago Hilton.  It's a really nice 4 star hotel.

The hotel also has the record for the most expensive bottle of water I've ever seen.

We set up most of our booth for the expo and decided to be done with work for the day.  For dinner we decided to go to sushi, but Stephen sidetracked us and we ended up elsewhere.  Along the way, I snapped this nice shot of downtown facing East from a bridge over the river.

We ended up at Ed Debevic's, an old-fashioned diner type of restaurant serving American food that is notable because you get crayons and silly hats and the waiters and waitresses intentionally hassle guests in an amusingly rude manner.  The motto on the menu was "eat and get out!"

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