Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bellevue with a View

Last night included a tasty enchilada dinner followed by sewing screens to repair holes on their tent/trailer prior to the Hanson family camp this weekend.

Some of my time the last few days included a view much like this:

Today we left Portland in the morning and Met up with a friend of Molly's who also happens to be from Alaska.  We spent some time at Nordstrom Rack and then had lunch on Boat Street near the UW campus before heading to Bellevue to our hotel.

The hotel is definitely one of the nicer ones we've stayed at.  I knew this pretty early on with the Ferrari valet parked out front.

And then on the way to dinner we saw two more Ferraris out front.  I wouldn't have guessed there were three Ferraris in Bellevue, much less parked in front of a single hotel.  Part of me wondered if the hotel might actually own the cars and park them out front to improve their image.  That would be some spendy marketing.

Tonight we've been in the hotel room watching the Olympics.  I've now seen 5 of Phelps' 6 gold swims.  I'm currently falling asleep as we watch the women's gymnastic individual finals.

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