Monday, August 4, 2008

Hot and Cold. What time is it?

In the morning I ran. Then I ate. Then I did some random tasks. Then I ate again. Then I left to take the truck in for service.

I saw this guy and laughed.

After Dropping off the truck in Salt Lake City, I had the shuttle guy drop me off in a place where there was supposed to be a locksmith to make some keys. There wasn't.

There was HARD CORE TATTOO. I was severely tempted to prove how hardcore I am.

I also considered buying some groceries and other junk.

Pappy sounded like such a nice guy I almost couldn't pass by, but I did.

I was about to head to the Cosmopolitan Cyber Cafe, but who wants to be in company with someone who drives a nice (yet tacky) orange Lotus Elise?

Unfortunately, seeing as how I was wandering looking for a locksmith, I think I may have passed this control point more than twice. Good thing it was the middle of the day. I wouldn't have wanted to deal with all the congestion between 11PM and 4AM.

I just about stopped at this place and got a room - I figured it would be so cheap to rent a room, the free TV would have a resale value higher than the room cost. Good investment.

(Note the large yellow key sign in the background!)

Then I walked a bunch. More like scurried between shady spots to avoid sunburn.

I met up with Emily and her dogs. Murphy is not pictured, but had she been, she'd be a large black mound of fur. Make that a pile of fur.

We chatted, had some dinner, and parted ways. It had been way too long. She's doing well.

The half-second iPhone picture delay didn't help, as I missed the brief moment she had her eyes open into the sun.

After I made Molly late for dinner (sorry!) I sat around a had margaritas. Then we sat around a fire. People came over. They talked a lot. I talked very little. The end.

*No, this post is not alcohol influenced. I simply chose a very odd way of expressing myself.


  1. This post literally made me laugh out loud! I'm a follower of your blog. Came across it as a result of Twitter. Thanks for updating so often!

  2. Odd (or different) is often very good, like in this case.