Monday, August 25, 2008

Going for Speed

After dropping off the trucks for service and going back to sleep for a bit, Nate, Molly and I took the train into downtown Chicago. We started off with a brief stop at the new Crocs store on State Street.

Following that we stopped at H&M for some brief clothes shopping. Then we went back to Weber Grill for lunch. This time around it was an applewood smoked bacon burger with fries for me. Following lunch, we wandered over to Millenium Park, where we saw the sights including the bean, which lends itself to interesting photos.

Yeah, that's me.

We also saw the creepy face fountains again. Just as odd-looking the second time around.

After a conference call in the park, we hopped a train north to Wrigleyville. There we saw Wrigley field and walked along Clark and Sheffield Roads through bars, shops, and housing. We had Mexican for dinner and took the train back south to connect with the train to O'Hare.

For some reason the train to O'Hare took a long time to show up, so the platform got rather full and we couldn't even get on the first train that came.

After returning to the hotel, I worked out on the treadmill. I was feeling great and apparently had some pent up energy to release, because I ran a six minute mile and upped my pace to attempt to break into the sub-6 minute mile range when the treadmill engine failed because apparently I was pushing it too hard. Regardless, that's the fastest mile I've run recently and possibly ever. And I could have gone faster. I ended up doing just under 5 miles, and now I'm headed to bed.

Tomorrow we'll pick up the trucks and start the drive to Virginia Beach. The Beach sounds like a lot of fun, but right now it's getting lots of rain from spin-off storms as a result of Hurricane Fay, so the weather may not be the best this upcoming weekend. Tomorrow night we plan to end up in Charleston, West Virginia.

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