Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Midwest Mountains

Today I got started by searching for some breakfast. After finding Wendys closed, I used the magic powers of iPhone to search for food near the hotel, and managed to find a cafeteria in a nearby office building. On the way there I got a decent view of downtown, but this is as close as we came to downtown Minneapolis.

With a shorter drive today, we had a relaxing 6 hour trip, during which we saw numerous cheese shops, lots of road construction, and a Midwest ski slope built into the side of a very small hill. I also finished the book I've been reading. Next up is Baldacci.

After getting in to the western part of Milwaukee, I was going to go for a bike ride before realizing I had no CO2 cartridges and would be in trouble if I flatted on the road. I headed over to REI, and I plan to ride in the morning instead. It was Lyndsay's birthday a few days ago, and to celebrate a bit we went for dinner at a really tasty Italian place. I had a draft root beer, a spinach and gorgonzola cheese salad, and stromboli. The resteraunt was perched on what I suppose could be described as a hill, at least in the midwest. We had a nice view of the sunset.

Tomorrow we'll be heading into downtown Chicago and doing set-up for the Accentrue Chicago Triathlon, this weekend's event. It will be really nice to be staying at the Chicago Hilton right downtown, which also happens to be the same place the expo is at - even more convenient. We're considering checking out the Weber Grill (the resteraunt of the famous home grill line), and I'll definitely be finding more deep dish pizza again this weekend.


  1. Chi-town is amazing! Make sure you stop by Ghiradelli chocolate shop if you can. They give out free chocolate to entice you as you walk through the store.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I always enjoy some chocolate.