Thursday, August 7, 2008

Coming home... or am I?

We left Park City this morning without a specific destination in mind for the evening. Tomorrow we'll be in Eugene, but that was a bit too much of a push for one day, so we ended up stopping in Bend for the night. The entire day was pretty much spent driving, but it seemed surprisingly fast considering the distance and time it took.

I've found the key to enjoying the road trip days is to notice the little things you find along the way. There are many quirky signs, odd sightings, and beautiful landscapes to take in. Highlights of the day involve a trailer on a truck attached to a trailer, all on a bigger truck with a bigger trailer...

A wildfire started by lightning, some rain, a lightning storm, and a truck that was exceedingly difficult to pass due to the many curves in the road.

Not to mention a truck hauling a boat that had its flashers on in the dark while going a perfectly normal speed. It started to drive me a little crazy.

It feels slightly odd being back in Oregon. It's been home recently, but now without a place to live here and my brother leaving Saturday for Arizona, it may actually sink in that I've graduated and moved on to the next phase of life.

I found out that some relatives are in Sunriver right near Bend, so I'm going to see them in the morning and then head to Eugene in the afternoon to see my brother off on his journey.

I'm excited about the Olympics, which I'm going to officially dub the Smoglympics (we'll see if it catches on). It'll be nice to wake up and turn on the games while working out at hotel fitness rooms, much like I did with the Tour a bit last month.

This tour is definitely making me think. Considering what the future holds is both exciting and scary, but I definitely have much more direction now than I did a month ago at graduation.

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