Friday, August 8, 2008

Jack had some input on this one

My day:

Playing Phase 10 in Sunriver with the distantly related family...

Followed by digging through bags of shoes (don't worry Stephen, I kept the tags)

A really tasty half crab cake half turkey club sandwich (shared with Molly) in Bend

Arriving in Eugene to see the brother, and the new window tint on the brother's car ->

Went to Cornucopia with the brother.

Also checked out the brother's pimpin' bathrobe

And finally watched the Smoglymic opening ceremonies after throwing together some cords to make the TV work.

(They just said "Marco - Polo" during the broadcast!)

Oh, and I helped the brother pack the small car with an amazingly large amount of stuff for his journey. Dad would be proud of the packing job. We fit more in there than should be humanly possible. Pictures to follow in the morning when lighting is decent.


  1. damn, I blinked!!! are you putting those pictures on facebook, too?
    jack our 8 year old cousin or some other guy?
    was graham happy to see you? was Ian taking good care of him? did he get dropped off to Iva May's okay?