Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pizza and more Pizza

I got up today and did some laundry after finally learning of a nearby laundromat at another hotel.  The entire experience was unsatisfying, however, as my clothes came out with detergent still on them and they didn't completely dry after two dryer cycles.

After that, I rejoined everyone else at the expo.  We had a little change of pace today as Matty Reed (US Pro triathlete - just got back from Beijing) stopped by for an autograph signing at our booth.  I didn't meet him, but I did meet his wife who has an astounding story of her own.

After the expo, we set up at the finish line area which is also incredibly close to the hotel, and decided to go for dinner.  While waiting in the hotel lobby I again noticed how nice this hotel is.  It's an old building with plenty of class and history.

Molly didn't particularly feel like pizza, but Nate and I did so she tagged along while we had more Chicago style pizza.

I realized during dinner that I had pizza for dinner last night, leftover pizza for breakfast and lunch today, pizza for dinner tonight, and will likely finish off with leftover pizza for breakfast tomorrow morning.  Hey, I'm only in Chicago for so long!

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  1. You will be in Chicago very shorty my friend :)