Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hanging Around

Yesterday, I went to replace the license plate light on the truck, only to find that the bulbs we bought weren't the right size (of course).  I took a walk down to Fred Meyer and purchased the right size, and came back to install it on the truck.

While I was working on the truck, I decided to measure the clearance on the truck and found that it's lower than we previously thought, being approximately 12 feet tall including the satellite on top.  I also found that there appears to be a cover missing on the satellite and the circuit board is likely fried.  Not that we use it anyway - we're just not allowed to take it off the top of the truck.

I saw an aunt and uncle from Umpqua area who were in town for the afternoon, and after dinner saw two more cousins (the sons of the aunt and uncle I'm staying with).  Afterwords, we settled in for the night and watched The Bucket List.

Having not had enough movies for one night, I went to meet up with Nick Cummings to see a midnight showing of Tropic Thunder.  It had ups and downs, but was funny over all.  Robert Downey Jr was particularly good in his role, as was Tom Cruise (he plays a fat, bald movie executive that dances around to Apple Bottom Jeans - almost respect him a little more for ridiculing himself).

Today I went and had DOT training this morning, with basically consisted of listening to fatality rates and a short driving test. (He also helped clarify some things I wasn't sure of, so definitely helpful).  After the training, I went to pick up our new retail wall feet at the materials fabricator the company uses.  I knew I was in the right place when I found stacks of the cubes used for trying on shoes that we have a few of.

After picking up the retail feet and a conference call prior to this weekend's event in Seattle, I headed over to the Nike employee store.  It's a magical place overflowing with Nike shoes and sports equipment, all at half retail price or cheaper.  I got in thanks to the uncle I'm staying with who is an airsole engineer for the company.

I purchased a new pair of running shoes (my trail running shoes are really only good for trails), a running jacket for when the weather starts to cool down, dri-fit socks, and a pair of athletic shorts.  Plus I found some shorts that Molly had been looking for.

Tonight and tomorrow morning will be spent in the Portland area, and tomorrow we drive to Seattle and get back to weekly events and the hotel room lifestyle.  It's been a nice break.


  1. I know where the cover to your satellite is...

  2. you found the cube warehouse!

    you should of stolen one or two...