Friday, August 22, 2008

Buildings, Bikes, Buddies

Today started out with a 45 minute walk looking for a laundromat that ended up being futile.  After returning to the hotel, I joined up with Molly and wandered through downtown on our way to eventually meet up with Nate at the Weber Grill just North of the river.  On the way, we found lots of interesting buildings, including the library,

the mostly completed Trump Tower,

And this one... not even sure what to make of it.

Lunch was tasty (Molly and I shared a meat sampler and I had some of the best chili ever).  The expo started in the afternoon, so we headed back to the hotel and finished setting up.  Much of my free time during the expo was spent lusting after expensive bikes.

Really expensive bikes.

Titanium bikes.

Carbon bikes.



Uh, yeah.

At the expo I also met a really interesting couple that had to have been some of the biggest Green Bay Packers fans ever.  They both had tattoos everywhere, and she had a pink mohawk (they were probably both at least 40-50 years old).  Then I noticed the what the tattoos were...

At first I only noticed the twin Favre tattoos, but looking back at the picture Lombardi is there too.

But that wasn't all.

I'm pretty sure he got that one just so he could strike that pose.  I was impressed.  

For dinner we went to Lou Malnati's and had some excellent deep dish pizza.  Afterwords, we stopped briefly at a VIP party for elite athletes and sponsors on the top level of the hotel.  The open bar was nice, as was the chocolate fountain.  I met a few cool people, one of which was able to give me some good ideas for locations for our upcoming grassroots marketing for the Chicago Marathon.

Tomorrow is expo day 2.  More good food is a no-brainer.

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