Monday, September 1, 2008

Up to my Neck

Today I woke up and headed out to the beach to go jump in the ocean. The current was rather strong, but I managed to only get unexpectedly sucked in by a wave once. That once was enough to get pretty waterlogged. For a few hours after my nose was randomly draining water. Regardless, it felt really good to be in the ocean for a bit.

Today was fully sunny for the first time since we got here, and as a result the beach was rather busy all day (it helps that it was a holiday).

We decided to stick around an extra day and head to the DC area tomorrow, so I grabbed breakfast with Stephen and then we met up with his friend Jessica to go do some geocaching at a nearby state park. It provided a much different atmosphere than the beach.

We ended up walking quite a ways in search of a cache we couldn't get to without crossing a marsh.

Along the way we stumbled across this diorama in a tree. The random assortment of assembled items was quite amusing.

On the back side of the park, we wound up at a beach that many locals utilize for boating and relaxing to avoid the tourists on the main beach.

After geocaching, I accompanied Stephen to Best Buy so he could look for the Kite Runner, the movie version of the book he just finished. While there, we noticed this peculiar label. Notice how it says iPhone 3GB. There is no such thing as a 3 gigabyte iPhone. You'd think a computer/electronics retailer would catch that one.

We went to a surf themed baja mexican/seafood grill for dinner. Afterwords, Nate enjoyed another Nerds Rope...

And Nate, Molly, Stephen and I played a game of hearts. Between the number of times Stephen had the 2 of clubs and the way my hands meshed with his in a really bad way, it was a very odd game. I ended the game by shooting the moon, which simply secured my 3rd place finish while putting Stephen out of his misery.

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