Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Side Note

This blog needs a better name. Yes, "Adam's Travels" is accurate and fairly descriptive, but there's certainly nothing interesting about it. So, I'm having a contest of sorts. Post a comment if you have a good idea, and I may or may not choose to use it. If you're the winning namee, you'll get... a $5 Starbucks gift card presented by Joseph Mucha (he doesn't know this yet... I don't know if they even still exist). If that doesn't work, you still get mad props from me. That's enough, right?


  1. how about, I'll update this blog so much that Stephen doesn't have to blog.

  2. WTF....haha classic use of the gift card incentive.

    my ideas:
    "Transient Marketer"

    "Migratory Marketing"

    "I'm not lost...I'm on tour"

    "Crocs, culture and cash reimbursements"

    Those are my ideas. Enjoy.

  3. Congrats Joey. Give yourself a $5 gift card and a pat on the back.