Friday, July 11, 2008

Schnitzel is a Fun Word

Today got started with a workout while watching part of the Bourne Identity. After that we made a quick stop at the Jelly Belly Factory in Pleasant Prairie, which is really more of a distribution warehouse from what I can tell. I was somewhat excited by the free tour, but it was a bit of a letdown as all you really see is a bunch of videos showing production rather than any real production. Good news is we got a few free jelly beans out of it.

After that we headed over to setup for tomorrow's expo. Well, Nate, Molly and I did. Stephen decided to take the scenic route back through Chicago. We finished most of our part and waited for Stephen (who was stuck an hour away in traffic) to figure out where exactly he was supposed to be. I can't be too hard on him, however, because shortly after that I managed to lock myself out of a truck that is supposed to be lock-out proof. It's one of the types that you have to hold the handle for while shutting the door or it unlocks itself. It swung shut but only half-shut, so my best guess is that it didn't close fully enough to pop up the lock. I wish I'd thought of that at the time, because I never tried shoving the door all the way closed to pop the lock (I was too concerned with trying to pop the door back open since it wasn't all the way closed). Later Molly managed to apply the steering wheel club without a steering wheel club key in her possession. Nate is the only one of us who hasn't done anything particularly dumb today, so he'd better hurry up since he's only got 25 minutes left.

After that I met up with the Deines family who thankfully were willing to drive several hours to come see me. They're close family friends from back in Alaska. We went and had a tasty German dinner, and my main dish was a Cordon Bleu Schnitzel. It was great to catch up with them even briefly, and hopefully it won't be so long until next time I get to see them. Right now I'm waiting on laundry to finish before catching some sleep before tomorrow's expo.

Nothin' doing at the moment.


  1. Classic, getting lockout sort of. Jelly Belly sounds wack, must not want to give away their secrets too much. I didn't get an iPhone either, I might go try to get one today. We'll see.