Friday, July 4, 2008

Peachtree 10K/4th of July

Today got off to an early start with an alarm going off at 5:30AM to take the MARTA to the starting line for the Peachtree 10K running race. It's the largest 10K in the country, with approximately 55,000 participants. We dressed up in Crocs gear (including the shoes) for the run in order to do some grassroots marketing. It was a blast, especially with the looks of disbelief that we got for running in Crocs. We actually managed to pass a fair number of runners (especially on the hills) and were able to impress upon numerous participants our message of Crocs as great recovery shoes to change into.

They were even really comfortable to run in for the most part. The race itself was a blast (the crowd atmosphere was great, and the sheer number of people was astounding).

After the race, we hung out at the hotel for a while, had free concierge breakfast, and headed out to the World of Coca Cola. The entry fee was a bit steep, but it was cool to be surrounded by advertising from one of the world's best-known brands. We got to try Coke brands from all across the world (Beverly from Italy was particularly bitter).

Following that, we had a nice seafood dinner and headed back to the hotel, where we watched the downtown fireworks display from the balcony.

Overall, a great day filled with lots of new, exciting experiences. Tomorrow sounds like a laid-back day (our last in Atlanta) that should include some geocaching and possibly a behind the scenes tour at CNN.

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  1. Atlanta is such a fun city with lots to explore and do! Next time you're coming through here, let me know if you want some suggestions!