Saturday, July 12, 2008

Expo day

Today we got up and headed to the expo. The expo was pretty standard, with all the women participating in the triathlon tomorrow coming in to pick up their race packets and check out sponsor booths. We sell Crocs at our booth, but our main job at the expo besides set-up and take-down is doing the marketing aspects, including giving away free stuff, having people fill out surveys, and generally promoting Crocs as a recovery shoe. Here's a poor quality cell phone picture to give you an idea of the layout.

After the expo finished, we had to break down the entire booth area and reload the trucks to drive around the other side of the building to set up our finish line tent, where tomorrow we'll have a presence on race day. We provide foot ice baths, self-massage sticks, sell shoes, and continue to promote Crocs for recovery.

After finishing the set-up this afternoon, we headed over to Mars Cheese Castle, which featured a huge array of cheeses, candies, chocolate, meats, wine, beer, gift items, and Green Bay Packers paraphernalia. The also had a sandwich shop and a bakery, and I got a tasty reuben with a slice of apple pie.

We ended the night by checking out the welcome to Wisconsin sign looking for a geocache, but we were driven off by bugs before we found it.

And finally, a picture from yesterday's slightly less than exciting adventure to the Jelly Belly factory.


  1. Do you leave Croc surprises in the geocaches?

  2. yo, i don't know if this is possible but you should tag each post with state that you are in and then people can search your post according to each state!

  3. I would say that's possible.