Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last Day in Nashville

Today got off to a nice relaxed start. I woke up and did a nice workout for just about two hours while watching the Tour De France individual time trial. It's really nice to have something genuinely interesting to watch while working out. I'd be watching it anyway, so I may as well get the workout in as well. I met up with long lost friend and mentor Brent McClun who I knew in Alaska. He now lives in the area and it was great to catch up a bit after not having seen him for three or four years.

After lunch Molly and I decided to go check out the Grand Ole Opry. I had a basic understanding of what it was all about, but checking out the museum really gave me a perspective for the incredibly important role the Opry has played in the development in country music and music in general. We didn't get to see the inside of the main stage, but it was still a good experience. Next door we checked out a Gibson guitar retailer briefly and I bought some shorts for work, and then we decided to see Wall-E. It was decent, but after all the hype and people calling it epic, I was a little let down. The first 15-20 minutes set it up to be really good, but then after that it felt a little cartoony. I think I was expecting something a little darker and deeper. But hey, it's a G rated Pixar film. It has to have a happy ending.

For dinner we met back up with Nate and tried out a taco place. The food was really cheap and pretty good, and I ended up with a lot of food. If I went to Vanderbilt, I could definitely see eating there fairly often. Tomorrow Nate will be staying in Nashville an extra day, and Molly and I are going to leave town early headed towards Wisconsin and see how far we feel like going. We may drive all day and end up in Pleasant Prarie, or we may get sidetracked along the way and end up doing somethig fun. I'm game either way.

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