Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exploring Jim Thorpe Area

Today we had a lazy start to the day that consisted of breakfast and finishing reports from the last event. After that, we drove a couple miles back to Jim Thorpe, PA where we rented mountain bikes and checked out a trail that headed up to an overlook on the area. It was a really fun ride with some nice trails and a bit of singletrack that renewed my confidence in my ability to ride a mountain bike.

We got to the overlook point, and it was definitely a nice view.

From there, the trail went straight down the side of the hill along the path of an old tram line. This was probably about a 30 percent grade with lots of rocks, ruts, and old railroad ties. I decided to ride down it anyway, and managed to make it down without incident. Overall, very enjoyable. After a work conference call and some tasty late afternoon lunch/early dinner, we headed south to Allentown, PA hoping that come 9PM we'd find out that the city's Apple store would have iPhones tomorrow morning. However, this is not the case. There appear to be some phones available at the Apple store in King of Prussia just north of Philedephia, so the plan for tomorrow is to head there early, get an iPhone (I have my fingers crossed), go to a truck wash to clean up our truck prior to heading to New York, and if we have time we'll stop by the Deleware River National Recreation Area in the afternoon and possibly do some hiking. It's really kind of nice to have everything so close. From where we're at now, we could easily be in 10 different states within a matter of hours.

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