Sunday, July 6, 2008

From Atlanta to Nashville

Today I woke up somewhat early to watch stage 2 of the Tour De France, only to find that Versus had no signal. As disappointing as that was, I did get to watch the first sets of the Wimbledon finals, which was pretty epic. We got free breakfast because we are "elite" Marriot members - people who have been on the tour for a while have racked up lots of nights of stays. This last weekend has been my first on the concierge level, with free meals and perks. Definitely a nice bonus. We left Atlanta for Nashville about noon, which unfortunately meant I missed the conclusion of said epic tennis match, but I was pleased that later today I did get to watch the finishing part of stage 2 of the Tour.

The drive from Atlanta to Nashville was fairly uneventful, but I got to drive one of the trucks on the highway, which pretty much confirmed that I'll be perfectly comfortable driving a larger vehicle. I rode with Molly and it was good to get to know her a bit better and hear a little bit of back story, considering we went to the same college and are now somewhat randomly on the road together on the other side of the country. We went through Chatanooga, Tennessee and didn't really get to see it, but it still has a cool name and is therefore worth mentioning. We arrived in Nashville in the middle part of the afternoon and immediately checked into our hotel, the Hotel Indigo, a modern, stylish place to stay in a good location. It's a little difficult to describe the styling other than modern making use of wood, brushed aluminum, and quirky artwork, so perhaps some pictures are in order.

I caught up online a bit and we headed to dinner at a place near the Vanderbilt campus that had a 2 for 1 special on both pizza and beer. We ended up with lots of good food and drink for a pretty reasonable price, and Nate gave us the rundown both on his past schooling and leading up to this position, as well as a really insightful take on what this job is all about. We just got back to the hotel, and now I get to figure out what to do with the rest of the evening. I may make it an early night, or I may stay up a while and find something interesting to do.

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  1. The best way to describe the hotel is that it is "contemporary" ;)