Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boston: Beer, Rain, Book, Lightning

Today's route (only about 9 miles today):

After switching hotel rooms, I headed out to catch the train and got off a few stops before downtown to check out the Sam Adams (Boston Beer) Brewery.  Besides the fact that I like their beer, we did a big project on the company last winter term, so it was fun to visit. 

I got to sample a couple of unreleased beers and vote on which one should go into production.  They were both good, but the Witbier got my vote.  

The tour explains all the intricacies of making beer, and I got to smell fresh hops and taste 3 different types of malt barley, one of which tastes like grape nuts.

And then of course the tasting room, where we sampled the famous Boston Lager and their Summer Ale.  I also learned more about the Utopias, and will have to try it sometime when I can find it and feel like spending $20 on a drink.

Then I wandered all the way north into downtown.  On the way I wandered through the Theater and Chinatown districts and checked out the Beacon Hill area more fully after yesterday's excursion.  I also sensed rain was on the way, so I bought a book.  I would have eaten at this restaurant simply because of the clever name, but I wasn't hungry at the time.

Boston is still a really cool looking city, even on a rainy, cloudy day.

And then it started raining, so I sat down under cover and read an entire Grisham novel cover to cover in about 4 hours.  It's a little bit of a deviation from classic Grisham, but with the same ability to tell a good story.  It's about a 3rd string NFL quarterback a little too full of himself who finds direction in life by getting sent to play on a no-name league in Italy.

After finishing, I grabbed some clam chowder in a bread bowl, and having nothing else planned for my time downtown, I headed towards the train station.  On my way, I had an attractive girl ask for directions somewhere, and I told her I couldn't help until suddenly it hit me I was carrying an iPhone.  I headed back the other way a couple blocks and found her and managed to give easy directions (well, the phone did most of the work).  After that detour, I had to practically run to catch my train.  Upon getting back to the hotel, I've been treated to a really nice lightning storm out my window.

Tomorrow holds in store... something.  The truck should be ready for pickup, and I still hope to meet up with Brownie before leaving Boston.  Other than that, who knows.

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  1. you got an iphone? beer is better when you are in Germany and France ;0 Alpe D'Huez baby!!