Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boulder and Driving into the Mountains

After relaxing a bit this morning at the hotel and catching up on the news, I headed into the main part of Boulder looking for a bike shop.  Since I don't have cycling gear with me and I'm doing the event this weekend, I needed a jersey and shorts.  I found a Performance Bicycle (one of the biggest chain bike stores in the country) and they were having a huge clearance sale, so I picked up some gear for fairly cheap as far as cycling gear goes.

Then I went and explored the CU campus for a while before lunch.  I wasn't expecting all the stone buildings, but it's a really nice campus, and in a great setting too!

I also managed to sneak a peak at Folsom Field.

I met up with Greg and he briefly showed me where he works and what he's up to, and then we went to Half Fast Subs (say it out loud), which was very tasty and had one of the most overwhelming menus I've ever seen.  I couldn't capture two of the boards in this picture.

After lunch Greg had to get back to work, so I wandered around one of the main malls in town and eventually decided I needed something refreshing to drink.  I ended up at Jamba Juice, which was a wise decision.  Then I headed to an arcade/mini golf place that also happened to have a run-down driving range with cheap range balls and even cheaper rental clubs.  I hit about 80 balls and relaxed there for a couple hours.

For those of you familiar with golf clubs, I was also surprised to learn that apparently Cleveland's Hi-Bore design is nothing new.  One of the lefty clubs was this old beaten up club with a sunken crown just like the Cleveland design, only it was much older.  It was also made out of carbon fiber.  It also didn't work very well.

After gassing up the truck, I met Greg and his girlfriend Dana for dinner at the Southern Sun brewpub, which had some tasty food and good root beer on tap (I had to drive following dinner).  It was great to see Greg more and get to meet Dana.  After dinner I picked up Lyndsay in Denver and headed West into the Mountains on I-70 as the sun set.  The drive into the mountains was really scenic, even mostly in the dark.  The truck handled the climbs well for the most part, and we got to Copper in a reasonable amount of time.  Copper itself seems like an amazing place from what I can tell in the dark.  There's a ton to do here, and it's incredibly scenic.  Our hotel is really more of a condo, and since we have a kitchen and meal prices are a little spendy, we'll probably try to do some of our own cooking.  I'll update more on Copper tomorrow when I can actually see it, but I'm impressed so far.  Should be a great weekend.

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  1. Are you saying cleveland is not as innovative as we all thought?! I still love 'em.