Monday, July 28, 2008

Road Trippin'

Today we ate breakfast in a really crowded hotel lobby and hit the road destined for our current location, a Ramada Inn in Angola, Indiana approximately 630 miles away from where we started the day.  Much of the day was driving as normal.

Notable sightings included an out of control car fire on the freeway, two Tootsie Roll trucks (the trailers look like a giant Tootsie Roll), some cool light effects coming from the clouds, and lots of spots of road construction.

The highlight of the day (if you can call it that) was having both trucks stopped at a truck checkpoint for a full inspection by highway police.  They're pretty rigorous, and while the officers were friendly, they sent us on our way with numerous warnings for minor infractions.  I suppose in retrospect it was a good learning experience for what to potentially expect in the future, but at the time we were wondering how many fines we might be racking up for things like not having our emergency triangles accessible enough.  Apparently they like to stop smaller trucks for several reasons.  First, many fail to have properly authorized drivers and logs, and secondly it's quicker and easier to inspect one of our trucks than a semi.

After arriving at the hotel, I went for a short hill-interval type workout on an elliptical in a futile attempt to jump start my climbing legs.  I'm still hoping to attempt the cycling event we'll be working at this upcoming Saturday if I can find a bike and gear.  It's a 90 mile ride at elevation with a good amount of climbing, so to do it mostly untrained will take some patience, tons of food to make sure I don't bonk, and lots of mental toughness.


  1. Mental toughness is your forte Adam, race shouldn't be a problem! Good Luck.
    Song Recommendation: CW-McCall - Convoy
    ^Totally fits what you're doing.