Sunday, July 13, 2008

Race Day

Today got off to an early start. We were at the race setup around 5:30 and spent the morning manning the Crocs tent right near the finish line. Over 4,000 women participated in the triathlon, and it was fun to partake in the festivities.

After packing up, we hit the road headed towards a final destination of Toledo, Ohio. Of note on the way was watching a semi pass a Corvette. We're staying in the Toledo area tonight and will be hitting the road early tomorrow. Nate is heading on to see friends in New Jersey, and Molly and I are probably going to see where the road takes us tomorrow (though the current plan is to stumble upon an AT&T store so I can purchase an iPhone). The ultimate destination for this upcoming weekend is the Nautica Triathlon in New York City.

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