Thursday, July 24, 2008

Raining Buckets

Today I got off to a bit of a slow start and caught up on the news.  I decided to clean out my bag a bit, which meant I decided to get rid of (drink) the glass Coke bottle you get at the end of the World of Coke tour in Atlanta.  Given its presentation, I figured this had to be some really good soda.  I chilled it nicely and then drank it over ice.  It was pretty much just a Coke.

Meanwhile, it had been raining all morning, and hard at that.  I still don't have a truck until tomorrow morning, so I decided my options were either to stay in the hotel all day (exciting) or catch a train downtown again.  I chose the latter, and sprinted from the hotel to the train station in a hard downpour.  The train parking lot was in the process of becoming a lake.

In downtown, I wandered over into North End for a while and grabbed some lunch followed by gelato and tea.  The latter combination was very tasty.

Shortly thereafter, I met up with Molly and Marco and planned to help Marco inventory shoes in the back of the truck we have access to.  We scrapped that idea quickly due to the rain. Instead we drove around Boston somewhat aimlessly in Marco's rental until deciding we were hungry.  We ended up at Legal Sea Foods, which is a really tasty, upscale seafood place.  I got the crabcake combo, which was extremely flavorful.

After dinner, I took the train back to the hotel.  The dinner wasn't sitting particularly well with my stomach, so I did what any perfectly sane person would decide to do - I went for a 5 mile run in the rain.  It was actually really refreshing.

Also of note, something is screwy about these hotel elevators.  There are two of them, and the floor buttons are on opposite sides in each.  I've probably ridden them 20 times in the last few days, and not once have I turned to the correct side that the buttons are on.  That's even after I made a mental note of which side they were on and in which elevator.  I swear they're changing sides on me or something.

Tomorrow we drive to Webster, MA and set up for Saturday's expo.  It's been fun, Boston.  I'll be back.



  2. holy schnikes! raining buckets! Glad you are finding good stuff to do. I love the classic hotel ice bucket and how you can use them to cool beverages. One time in vegas we filled the entire tub with ice to cool a whole bunch of drinks. Good times. Hope all is well.