Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Day of Meandering

Today got off to an early start with plans to find an iPhone near Philedelphia.  The good news is that I actually managed to find a place that had phones.  The bad news is that we got there far too late to have a chance at getting one.  The next part of the day was spent looking for a truck wash to make our truck all nice and shiny before driving into New York City, since it'll basically be a billboard on wheels for a couple days.  This took far too long.  The first address we plugged in to the GPS didn't exist where it was supposed to, and when we called them we found out that their truck wash wasn't even working.  At this point we drove into new Jersey hoping to find a truck wash there, and eventually we did, but it was after nearly 4 hours of searching for one.

After getting the truck cleaned, we decided to spend the rest of the day in Princeton.  We checked out campus with its beautiful architecture and the main shopping district.  

We stumbled upon Hoagie Haven, which was an amazing find.  You can get a $6 hoagie that has to be 15-16 inches long.  It helped that I was starving.  We went to check into the hotel before walking back to the downtown area for some tasty gelato and a light dinner.  Tomorrow will likely bring an epic adventure, with potentially non-stop days in New York City now through the end of our event on Sunday.  I'm expecting it will be some long days and high intensity work but also fun at the same time.

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