Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo Blogging Boston

After dropping off the truck, I took the train downtown.  Between noon and 10PM, I logged close to 20 miles on foot walking all over downtown, Charlestown, and Cambridge.  After just a day, I really like this city.  It's definitely the kind of place I could see myself living.
The route

The view coming out of the train station

The Freedom Trail - I followed it off and on through downtown into Charlestown.  I like how easy it was to stumble upon.  I saw the red bricks and figured it must be the walking tour.

Boston State House across from Boston Common

A really good street performing 5 gallon bucket drummer being upstaged by a little kid showing off some sweet dance moves in Crocs

Cobbles in North End - Made me think about cycling

A typical North End street.  I really like that part of the city.  Feels very historic and European, plus tons of good-looking eateries.

U.S.S Constitution

U.S.S. Cassin Young and my finger.  I walked around the boat for a while.  Kind of odd/cool that it's managed by the National Park Service.

Bunker Hill Monument - looks familiar, right?

...and the view from the top.  Worth the muggy 294 stair climb.

Wandered over to Cambridge to check out Harvard and MIT.

The Downtown view coming from Cambridge.

If you ever get the chance, watch a group of geese hurriedly eating grass.  More importantly, listen.  It's really funny.

And I saw tons of people wearing Crocs.  Then I ran into the Crocs retail store.  Almost as big as the New York Store.

Tomorrow I plan to head back into Boston and perhaps spend money to do something (aquarium, boat tour, museum of fine art?).  Hopefully I can meet up with Brownie since that didn't work out tonight.


  1. Having fun reading of your blog.

  2. So far Boston is still at the top position for favorite cities that I have visited in the U.S.