Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why the Residence Inn is the Best thing ever.

We're staying at a Residence Inn again tonight (Marriott) and though I already knew I liked them, tonight has just confirmed that they are my favorite hotel chain out there hands down. They're designed as a long-term stay hotel, which is absolutely perfect even for short stays with our roadie lifestyle. The rooms are great (all suite-style), they have a good selection of TV stations, free internet, free full breakfast buffet, coffee and hot water for tea always available, and all sorts of other things.

Tonight since checking in, I've worked out in a fully equipped fitness center, swam laps in a pool that's actually long enough to swim laps in, relaxed in a hot tub, had several cups of tea with honey, and surfed the net while watching Comedy Central and eating complimentary in-room popcorn.

If all that's not enough, you can even rent a fish to keep you company.


  1. Free internet AND a rented fish? That's the life man, I tell you...