Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Sign

Though the Westin Seattle is a nice hotel in general, the best feature of the room by far continues to be the excellent view. I like sitting at the desk doing work just for the view.

Anyway, so far today has been a fairly typical expo set-up day, only with less staffing since it's just Molly and I from Q now. Lots of rides in freight elevators...

And walking around back rooms in the hotel...

I haven't had the best day so far... not that there's anything in particular wrong. I'm just a little sore, cut and bruised from set up. I wasn't particularly looking forward to this afternoon, partly because I don't have a whole lot going on and I feel like I have already explored much of Seattle in the past. I'm also feeling the fact that the end of the tour is very near, partly because there's no longer really a team to hang out with, and Molly just took off until Friday with her family. So anyway, all that added up to me being a little downtrodden on the way up the elevator to my room after set-up UNTIL....


I don't know where/who they came from or why they are in my room, but I found them nicely wrapped sitting on the desk when I came in. Houskeeping hasn't even gotten to cleaning yet, so it couldn't be them. They are delicious! And now I feel motivated to go out and do something fun. Yeah, it was probably just hotel hospitality staff doing their job, but don't ruin the moment! As far as I'm concerned, they showed up magically as a sign that I'm stupid for being down about nothing. Now to go conquer the world!


  1. I have stayed at that hotel before with master nitty. it was a good time. you got hooked up with those chocolates. i guess that wink to the bellman got you some brownie points ;)

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