Monday, November 24, 2008


It was really neat to see Lake Shasta for the first time yesterday. It was not so neat to see just how low it is.

And of course, Mt. Shasta.

Last night I went to the movies with Rachel. I'm not staying with them this time around in Eugene. Instead, I'm staying at the Red Lion Hotel - the one that was right on the way to the grocery store from my apartment. Anyway, I thought the truck in the foggy lit parking lot was worth a picture. When I parked, it was surrounded by cars. When I came back, it was looking a little lonely. And cold.

Then we dropped off the truck and went to Dough Co, a Eugene late night staple. Their calzones and cookies can always be relied upon for some delicious nourishment.

Today, instead of seeing anyone or doing anything, I've stayed in. I left the hotel briefly for some Hawaiian Time for lunch (scrumptious!), and then again at dinner for a brief stroll to Borders and Cafe Yummm (toothsome!), but other than that it's been a day at the hotel. Sounds lazy huh? WRONG! I applied for 4 more jobs, updated my iPhone software, found several more jobs to apply for, followed up on two jobs I've already applied for, listened to some new music, worked out, and blogged!

My computer screen has looked like this much of the day.

I definitely agree with my mom that far too many of these applications require you to send a resume and cover letter and then also an application that basically includes a good chunk of the stuff found in the resume and cover letter. Just look at the resume! I've put far more time into that than into your application. Mine is really attractive looking anyway. Much more so than your clunky online application that tries and miserably fails to extract information from my resume.

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