Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Only in Oregon

...will you find a scene like this. Well, probably not just in Oregon, but this really defines Oregon weather. Driving South on I-5 yesterday, this was the view to the West:

And the view to the East at the same time:

The last two days have been very manageable days, and after a stop in Portland to pick up some stuff that needs to get to Crocs HQ, we're now in Bakersfield, a mere 275 miles from our final event of the tour in Las Vegas. Molly and I just got back from seeing Australia (why not? After all these thousands of miles, it was a short hop across the pond!), which was enjoyable. I liked the sensationalized style of the film, and it's long, but not quite too long.

Also of note, our hotel has some random decor that I think at one time or another may have been it's fitness equipment. This exercise bike must be decades old...

and I got to see one of those fat shaker things for the first time in person. I have no idea what they're actually called or what they were supposed to do (besides make you lose weight magically), but it's still amusing. Hurray for passive fat loss!

I've looked it up and no one else seems to know what they were called either. Vibrating belt machine is about the best I've found. The sad part is that apparently people still get taken by this one today:

The end of the tour is very much in sight now. A little more than a week from now, I'll be heading back to St. George for Christmas, and from there everything is very much up in the air.

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