Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Little Lot Better

So today has pretty much been awesome. After my last post, I headed out. I

- Got to know Ryan from Crocs a little better

- browsed at J.Crew, Gap, and Nordstrom Rack for a while

- Unintentionally wore the perfect conversation-starter: my Oregon beanie. Everyone wanted to talk this upcoming weekend's civil war game.

- Met a guy named Jeff who talked to me for a while about

- Headed to Pike Place Market

- Listened to a guy play "Oh, Chrismas Tree" on a saw. Oh, the irony.

- Got to throw a crab!

- Watched the sun set

- Met a one-armed guy named Elvis and gave him my remaining 57 cents in change.

-Browsed books at Elliot Bay Book Company

-Gave directions to a lost couple

- Had a peppermint mocha at the original Starbucks

- Tried out the Blackberry Storm. It's absolute crap - the touchy-click screen thing feels cheap and the user interface is disappointing at best

-Talked to my parents on the phone. Happy 31st anniversary Mom and Dad!

And to follow all that fun up, I had pretty much the perfect workout in a really nice hotel gym.

- 30 minute run
- 15 minutes stair climb
- 15 minute elliptical
- 15 minute arm/shoulder weights
- 15 minute core workout
- 30 minute lap swim
- 15 minute hot tub soak

I feel good.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. on Thanksgiving, Jacob asked Aunt Lynn if she'd told you what time to come over for dinner, and she said that you were out of town. I thought it was sweet that Jacob wanted you there and I basically gave you a mental hug. :) and calling Cafe Yumm 'toothsome' makes it sound crunchy. what did you get?