Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes we can!

We have elected a new president, and I'm extremely excited and hopeful because it's Barack Obama.  It's been an emotional ride, and I am very pleased to see that polls have been accurate and the American people have not let themselves down.  

It's a surreal experience to see the outside-chance candidate that you picked as the person you wanted to see in the White House 20 months ago when he first announced his candidacy finally win the election.  With many notable events in recent history being disaster, war, and terrorism, it's a very welcome change to have this defining moment in history be such a positive one.

From here, I expect Obama is someone who will live up to the person he campaigned as - that is, he'll be a president for the people who truly wants to unite government for the better.  He'll be a rational decision-maker, a great international ambassador, and a stellar leader.

Any guesses on what breed of puppy he'll be getting his girls?

In other news, CNN now has holographic interviewees.  It's a little, um, awkward.

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