Thursday, November 13, 2008

Food (Movie) Food Food Food!

Yesterday I went with Lyndsay and Molly to a Mexican place for lunch (what else would we be having in San Antonio?) The place was called La Margarita, and fittingly enough we had margaritas and puffy tacos. Yum.

We're staying at the Residence Inn again, so we took advantage of the free dinner food and drink (boxed wine). After dinner - actually, hold that thought. Earlier we decided that we wanted to see the new 007 movie coming out this Friday, so we made plans to watch the previous one first since the new one coming out follows up on the last one. I decided to go to Blockbuster and rent it, and instead came away buying the movie. It was on sale for $9.99, which seemed like a steal compared to $4 for rental, plus having to fill out a membership form to rent, plus having to return the movie. So, after dinner, we watched the movie again. It's a good one, and I hope the next one is as compelling a story and well acted (with some good action and explosions on the side).

This morning Nate and I went for a run and explored the famous San Antonio riverwalk area, which really isn't a good place to run. The paths kind of stop and start, and there were plenty of stairways to add some cross-training to the mix. Regardless, it was a good run and a decent way to see some of the city.

For lunch we had more Mexican. This time the place was Rosario's. I had enchiladas with rice and beans and fajita chicken with fresh tortillas.

Then we went to set up for the expo that begins tomorrow. That went pretty much as normal, except after finishing we worked on the project of moving everything we don't need for Seattle into one truck so that we can leave one truck in Vegas while Molly and I take the other to Seattle. Had I mentioned that both Nate and Lyndsay are done after this weekend? Sad times!

We took advantage of the free snacks and drinks again tonight (pretzels and beer)! I took full advantage, as the bartender was an enabler and kept offering me drinks. Four beers later with a nice buzz going, we went off to find some dinner.

Wanting to make sure we don't wear the Mexican food out, we went for barbeque at The County Line. It couldn't quite compare to Nashville BBQ, but was still excellent, and came complete with a riverfront view and a mariachi band working its way around the dining room.

Why all the focus on food in San Antonio? Partly because I love Tex-Mex, and partly because while the atmosphere in San Antonio is nice, there really isn't a ton to see or do. Not that free drinks and great food and movies is anything to complain about.

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  1. Go rent a Mountain Bike and ask for some of the trails for the Texas series! THEN, you'll fall in love with San Antonio!
    fyi: It's very sad that you'll only have half a team to finish with :(