Sunday, November 9, 2008

Are you speaking whale?

Last night I went out for a slightly more tame evening than the previous two, and I made the rounds between campus and downtown. The Eugene bar scene is still pretty much the Eugene bar scene (not to say that's a bad thing).

Today I went to lunch with relatives, and then did my duty as a cycling team alum and helped with their Mac Court cleanup fundraiser after the basketball game. It's not the most interesting nor fun task, but given my past experience as team president and the difficulty of getting people to show up to help out, I figured I'd sign up to help Ivar out.

Then I went for dinner at Chris and Karey's house. Lots of good conversation, including Chris describing an "Olympic sandwich" he had in a bike race this summer where he found himself between Levi Leipheimer and Santiago Botero, both of whom placed well at this year's Olympics.

After dinner Chris and I went on a run. It was my final semi-long run before I'll hopefully be doing the race next weekend. Most of the run was at a fairly easy pace, but I did push it for a mile or so and like to think I made Chris hurt a bit, in spite of how ridiculously athletic he is on a bike.

After the run, Leeann came over and I was treated to a bassoon/flute duet.

That's about it in this neck of the woods. Another day in Eugene, and it's back to life on tour.

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