Saturday, November 8, 2008

It (almost) never rains at Autzen Stadium!

Yesterday I managed to get myself a ticket for the Oregon Stanford football game. Thanks Dick!

I took time to stop by Life Cycle, Club Sports, the B School, and other campus hangouts.

While retracing my steps through my undergrad degree, the feeling I thought might hit me while in Eugene definitely did. I went and watched On The Rocks (a capella group) with relatives and felt like everyone around me was much, much younger and in a completely different situation than myself. School already feels like a long time ago. Looking backwards made me ponder forwards and what exactly my path might be. I've been feeling recently that while the whole find a career, get married, have kids, retire, die thing is all good, I don't always feel necessarily has to be for me (especially the dying part). I've been feeling rather entrepreneurial as of late, and I think I just need to refine my passions. I definitely want to get an MBA, but I also feel like traveling, exploring, and potentially doing some sort of something humanitarian (Peace Corps-esque?)

Anyway, back to yesterday. I had some great stew and dessert with relatives, and tried some Apple-flavored alcohol Rachel brought back from Germany.

Next up it was off to bowling with a trio of cycling team couples (I played seventh wheel). We had a great time, even as they proceeded to be gossip-mongers (the guys especially). Apparently people can read into my blog easier than I think.

We had a close battle the second game, with everyone doing equally badly. The quote of the night had to be an exchange with Mike - one that would only happen with a group of cyclists. Somehow the fact that I haven't been shaving my legs came up, and Mike said (with much emphasis), "You have hairy legs? Ooh, let me see!" (I show a calf) "Wow, Nice!"

After bowling I met up with Rhett and we went to Rennies, where the cheesy bacon fries complement alcohol very nicely.

And if that wasn't enough, we made the 3AM Burrito Boy run as well.

This morning I lounged around before going to the football game. I was debating whether to sit at the 50 yard line since that's where the ticket was or sneak my way into the student section because it's more raucaus and I had friends there. I decided on the student section option. Standing up sounded better anyway - less surface area to get rained on. The new online student ticket system makes it even easier than before for non-students to get into the student section. Students get an arm stamp, so after I went through the gate, I found some random person with a fresh stamp and had them transfer it across onto my arm. It comes out backwards and a little smeared, but given the fact that it was rainy I just had to pick a moment where the stamp-checker was busy and he barely looked at it.

I met up with Karl and saw a few other friends. Karl immediately pointed out the new big-screen in the stadium. I was really impressed with the way they've managed to make it much more versitile than the old one. And I'm a nerd.

The game itself was good, mostly because it was close. The play was sloppy on both sides, and there were too many turnovers to count, but the scores remained close the entire game. It rained hard for much of the beginning of the game and most of the second half, and part of me wished it was a blowout so I could go get warm, but the game was only decided with 6 seconds left when Oregon went ahead 35-28 with a touchdown. Definitely an exciting ending. The game was only the fourth time in the last 16 years that it has rained during a game at Autzen.

After the game I went and jumped in the hot tub to get warm. Then I went with the cousins for some shopping, which randomly turned into cologne smelling because I made a comment about wanting to get some at some point. Right now is not the most opportune time, however, because I don't want to carry a glass bottle around with me on tour.

We had Cafe Yummm for dinner, and now I'm about to go out again for the night.

P.S. Stephen says that I'm selfish with my responses and that I should tell everyone that. I'm not even sure what he means, so I'll let him elaborate.


  1. You may need to re-think the part about (not) dying if you keep up with the cheesy fries and alcohol. :-)

  2. Did we ever tell you about our Peace Corps attempt?

  3. it's only rained four games in 16 years?! wow. I have good timing. I went last year and it rained.