Sunday, November 23, 2008

SF Revisited

What on Earth is this thing?  I got passed by it heading towards Vegas from St. George.  It was very loud, looked home-made out of numerous pieces of sheet metal, and seemed to be styled after a sports car/tank/airplane combo.

Anyway, after a fairly uneventful stop in Bakersfield, CA we proceeded on to San Francisco, where I immediately met up with Joey to do some work.  It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but I sat in his office with him for several hours on Friday night brainstorming how to monetize his company's product.  White-boarding ensued.

After that we went out in North Beach/Chinatown and met up with Erika, and acquaintance of Joey's.  I'm not sure when/why this picture happened, but it's kind of interesting.  It almost looks like a movie on the LCD screen.  We went back to Joey's for some poker, and Joey proceeded to fall asleep so we stole all his chips.

Saturday we headed out for a quick 9 holes of golf at Golden Gate park.  It's a surprisingly nice muni course with views out at the Pacific Ocean through the trees.  The ninth hole we kept hearing nearly everyone that teed off yelling fore, so we decided they were particularly bad and we would make sure to not hit at anyone.  That mentality of course led me to put my first shot left of the narrow fairway right at #1's tee box.  Joey did the same.  I think it must just be bad hole design.

After golf, we went back to my hotel for a bit to take a cat-nap and get Joey some shoes.  He'll now be rocking lime green Santa Cruzes.  Then we went to a football watch party for the OU - Texas Tech game.  The game wasn't even close, but the company was interesting.  It was a group of 20 or so people, nearly all of whom work for tech startups.  It's a little odd to use all these various websites and then meet the people who actually work for them.  Digg's marketing manager was even there.

After a brief Guitar Hero rock session, we headed out for the night.  The highlight was seeing a Tesla roadster in person in the Marina District.  For those who aren't familiar, this is a brand new $100k+ fully electric sports car that has insane acceleration.  Only 30 or so have actually been produced and sold, so seeing one in person is a rare experience.

Today we're currently on the road to Eugene, where it will be interesting to play visitor to what was until recently home.  We're staying at the Red Lion Inn, which is right next to where I used to regularly grocery shop.

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