Monday, November 17, 2008

Floor Tectonics


Here we have the early stages of a convergent boundary with a subduction zone. As the figure illustrates, one plate of flooring is beginning to move underneath the other, resulting in an uplifting of the "mantle" flooring. Luckily, there is no volcanism involved or Nate's feet would be toast.


In figure 2 one can see a divergent boundary. This active rift zone is the root cause of much of the other tectonic floor shifting going on in the 20' by 20' known as Crocgaea.


In figure 3 we have a great example of a right-lateral strike-slip flooring fault.


Figure 4 presents a striking visual of the effects of a continental collision convergent boundary. The simultaneous uplift of both flooring plates results in a pleasant little hill we'll call Mt. Crocmore.


Figure 5 shows further development of the divergent boundary responsible for all the hubbub. Here we nearly have two separate continents. This large trench could give the Grand Canyon a run for its money if it were to scale. Don't get confused though - the Grand Canyon was created by water, not foot traffic and stiff carpet.


In figure 6 we have complete and utter chaos, with multiple floor plates doing whatever they please with no particular order or scientific theory. I think this might be something like how mountain ranges form. There would be two peaks here with a nice little pass through the middle.

Maybe a river would run through it.

It would also be the logical place to build an interstate freeway.

And in the winter it would probably snow, since they're mountains and all.

And since you've got an interstate and mountains, obviously a resort and ski area and golf course and reservoir would pop up.

Ok. I'm done.


  1. In terms of creativity, your best yet! Had me howling.

  2. hehe, I actually had my roommate read it. good bedtime story. :)