Friday, November 7, 2008


Yesterday, Lyndsay and I spent a good chunk of the day shopping in San Antonio.

It's amazing to see how the iMac has evolved from a clunky large plastic box.

And ladies, Sawyer has his own fragrance line! Now you too can smell like... dirt, and not showering, and...

And of course, Under Armor does a fabulous job of stating the obvious. Coldgear: for when it's cold.

This morning we dropped off the truck for service before heading to the airport. I couldn't help but notice that this is almost exactly what our truck would look like were it not for the large box on the back.

Also of note, how ironic is it that California Pizza Kitchen's express airport kiosks don't serve pizza?

Today I read Three Cups of Tea cover to cover during my various flights. I had no idea what I was in for and was amazed at Greg Mortensen's life story and his impact on children and villages across the globe. Thanks for the lend, Molly. It made me feel like I could certainly be doing a lot more than selling plastic shoes to runners.

Upon arriving for a longer-than-need-be layover in Portland, I definitely felt a little more at home.

And somehow or another, due to the massive number of people I want to see this weekend, I found myself drinking with Rhett two hours after I stepped off the plane in Eugene.

Also visited the old stomping grounds a bit, and I expect I'll be back again throughout the course of the weekend. Burrito Boy at 3AM is an absolute must.

Seen so far in my first 4 hours in Eugene:


Still to see:

too many to list

I think my anxiety for coming back to Eugene fearing I'd find myself out of place is gone. I have a lot more left here than I thought, even if school here is starting to feel like a distant memory.

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