Monday, September 8, 2008


Starting off any day with an omelette is hard to beat. Especially when you're using leftover grilled veggies to make the omelettes.

Yesterday we had a relaxed day with some shopping in the afternoon. I picked up several more books for the road, and I finally got my hands on the complete Arrested Development DVD set. It's the best comedy I've ever seen, even when compared to The Office. That's saying something. Thanks Mom and Dad!

In the evening, we played a game of cribbage on the patio and finished off the evening with watching a few episodes of Arrested Development. Hopefully I got my parents hooked enough that they will have finished the series by the next time I'm through town.

On a side note, I also spent a fair amount of time outside just enjoying the backyard, which includes a very refreshing and calming fountain. One of my favorite features of the new house.

The other part of the house I really like is just how open and inviting it is with plenty of light.

Today I packed up and we headed to Vegas in the afternoon. We stopped at my parents' favorite Vegas destination first. That's right, cactus lover heaven. I had no idea what I was in for when we stepped around the back to see the rows and more rows of various desert plants.

The business is run by a couple out of their own (massive) backyard, and we got to eat some pistachios straight off the tree branches they were growing on. The Macaws protested heavily while watching us eat until they got some too.

Next we found a local sports bar and settled in to watch the season opener Packers game, which happened to be a Monday night game against the rival Minnesota Vikings. It was a big night for the Packers - their first without Favre in a long time. During the game, a rare Vegas downpour occurred outside.

The Packers won.

After the game we drove past the strip on our way to the airport. It's impressive by day, but much more so by night.

My parents dropped me off at the airport and headed back to St. George to get some sleep. I'm currently perched near a terminal window waiting for my red-eye flight. I think I set a new personal record, making it from check in through security to my gate in probably less than 10 minutes. Good thing I was 5 hours early.

I just watched Entourage from last night, and now plans include hitting "publish post", listening to some music, reading, net surfing, and if I'm feeling really daring I might even ride the airport tram between terminals a few times.

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  1. Yeah, we're hooked. Definitely a chance we'll have finished by your Nov. return.