Monday, September 15, 2008

An Eight Hour Swim

Or at least that's what working at the race yesterday morning felt like. Between 90+ degree heat and a great deal of humidity, it wasn't particularly pleasant outside.

This finish line was right on Pennsylvania about 4 blocks from the White House, and looking back up the finishing stretch, the Capitol Building stood out in the distance.

I just took this picture because there were a lot of medals. That's reason enough, right?

Having forgotten my sunglasses at the hotel, I borrowed a pair of Crocs sunglasses and naturally had to try on the accompanying highly fashionable head strap. With the wind goggle attachment for the glasses, they were rather uncomfortable.

Nate took it to the next level by removing the sunglasses from the equation entirely and simply strapped the wind goggle attachment to the head strap.

Along the lines of lots of medals, there was probably more pizza in one location than I have ever seen in my life.

After packing up our tents and heading back to the hotel, I went with Nate to a sports bar in Chinatown to watch numerous football games at once. I headed out just before any of them ended to go meet up with Rhett and his mom in Alexandria to go see Burn After Reading, the new Coen Brothers movie (famous for such titles as No Country for Old Men, O Brother, Where Art Thou, Fargo, and The Big Lebowski). Along the way, I got to watch the sun set from an elevated metro station.

The movie itself was great if you're a fan of dark comedy. It's quirky and yet violent, serious but ironically aloof. Parts of the movie reminded me of Fargo, but overall it was much, much funnier. The audience was cracking up the entire movie. The Coen brothers do such a good job of creating situational humor from what would otherwise be insignificant and uninteresting events. I give it two thumbs up. Though don't expect a traditional movie ending, just like any of their other films.

Many of the previews also got my attention. I'd like to see Body of Lies (Leonardo Decaprio & Russel Crowe espionage thriller) and The Soloist (Robert Downey Jr & Jamie Foxx drama about a homeless Julliard trained musician). Eagle Eye has my attention, but I'm going to wait for reviews on that one.

On the way home, I rode a very deserted metro train. Not surprising for late on a Sunday.

Tomorrow, Baltimore.

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