Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2+3 = 23

Hey impulse shoppers, check it out! A Sony vending machine in the airport. Now you can buy a PSP to please your upset child since you forgot your other one at home!

After getting to Baltimore, the drive to the DC hotel took slightly longer than I would have like due to the A/V door on the side of the truck popping open and the lack of direct routes that allowed for truck traffic. My drive was 20 miles longer than it would have been in a regular car.

After arriving at the hotel to drop my stuff off, I drove the truck right back to another airport in DC (Reagan again) to park. I hopped the Metro to the hotel, and that will be our mode of transportation for the next couple days.

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon troubleshooting why my laptop wouldn't start up correctly. I kept getting the infamous blue screen of death, but I was actually able to use the stop code it was giving me to look up potential problems on my iPhone and spent a while enabling and disabling various drivers until I was able to isolate my wireless card driver as the problem. I'm having difficulty finding an updated driver, but now I know how to fix the problem at the very least.

I took a break from computer troubleshooting to take part in the free glasses of wine being poured at our hotel. We're staying at a nice 4 star, and apparently that's a standard perk.

For my birthday dinner we crossed the Potomac and walked down to M street in Georgetown and ended up at a place called Clyde's. The food was tasty, the atmosphere cozy if not cramped, and it was a good dinner overall.

Molly used my birthday as an excuse to buy some cupcakes (I appreciated the gesture greatly regardless) and the four of us sat downstairs in the hotel "living room" and split 6 differently flavored cupcakes 4 ways with some milk. Definitely the most cake flavors I've ever had for a single birthday. Yum.

Now I'm going to get in bed and will be asleep within approximately a minute whether or not I try to fall asleep.


  1. Those look like some incredible cupcakes!

  2. I could have told you your computer problem just looking at that screen, I've seen that blue screen so many times. My wireless card still refuses to work for more than twenty minutes without a blue screen.