Friday, September 12, 2008

Where did the day go?

Today I got some more lunch at Chop't, and was equally impressed the second time.

Then we had to switch hotels using the Metro, which had a number of comedic and awkward moments with lots of baggage on a fairly busy train.

After spending some downtime at the new hotel, Molly and I went meandering up towards Capitol Hill. We saw the supreme court and countless other government buildings.

Molly was craving frozen yogurt, so we made our turn-around destination a place called Mr. Yogato near Dupont Circle. It was very tasty and hit the spot. The tiny shop itself had lots of personality, with discounts being awarded for various random acts or answering trivia questions. They will also name a flavor after you if you eat there every day for a month.

After wondering what exactly the height restriction laws were that are in place in DC, we looked it up and found out that the original law was that buildings couldn't be taller than the Capitol Building, but was later revised to buildings could only be the width of the adjacent street plus 20 feet.

Speaking of the US Capitol Building,

Tonight we get to set up our expo booth from approximately 11PM to 1AM.

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