Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Slow Day

Today I had the first part of the morning off from the expo, so I went on a run with Stephen that ended up being just under 8 miles. After figuring out our parking for the night, I headed towards the expo and had lunch at (you guessed it) Chop't. Along the way, I saw an amusing advertisement for the spy museum.

The expo had a few moderately busy streaks, but overall was slow again. From 5PM on, there was really no one there. We entertained ourselves for a bit by playing the celebrity name game, and spent some time checking footballs score updates. Oregon had a nail-biter of a game that they won in double-overtime. After packing up the expo setup, we got back to the hotel and had dinner while watching part of the USC-Ohio State game. I'm not at all surprised to see USC dominating. I predicted at least a two touchdown USC margin of victory ahead of time, and looks like I'll be right on that one. It's a little wierd to be cheering for all PAC 10 teams rather than against them as key Oregon rivals. On a national scale, cheering on your conference suddenly makes much more sense.

Oh, and check down a few entries to the one that starts with a picture of Chop't. I forgot to enable that post the other day and only today realized it was missing.

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  1. ducks barely pulled it off! I bought a plane ticket for the USC - OREGON game in a couple weeks.