Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Just In

In case you haven't heard, Oregon State just beat #1 USC.  I'm not sure exactly how I feel about this, but it does give me a little more hope for Oregon at USC coming up next weekend.

I watched the last part of the game during commercial breaks while watching the season premiere of The Office.  I think it's one of the funniest episodes ever.  Plus there was a huge plot development I didn't see coming... (spoiler in white text) Jim Proposed to Pam.  Wow!

Other major news of the day:
- Talks on this $700 billion bailout fell apart (I hope they keep falling apart until that number goes down)
- McCain's showing up on Capitol Hill to rescue the economy isn't going particularly well
- Palin had a laughable interview with Katie Couric
- WaMu just bit the dust
- American troops exchanged fire with Pakistanis at the Pakistan border
- There may or may not be a presidential debate tomorrow
- There's this new fitness trend called "laughtercise."  They're making workout videos with standard routines, only done while cracking up.

While all this was happening, we were driving through the Nevada desert.  Other than the Bonneville Salt Flats, there wasn't a whole lot to see during the drive.

The most exciting part of the drive (for all the wrong reasons) was getting stung by a honeybee at a gas station while filling up.  Apparently a truck carrying bees stopped to fill up - something they're not supposed to do during the day.  I got one caught in my sweatshirt hood, and now I have a lump on the back of my head.  It was ridiculously hard not to swat them away while they were buzzing in my hair at the pump, but I managed to not get stung again.

Pulling into Reno, I immediately saw where I was going for dinner (conveniently right across from the hotel).

Cheeseburger and Animal Style Fries.  Definitely took a night off from eating semi-healthy.

We're staying at the Nugget owned by some guy named John who can't help but put his name on everything.  We're probably the youngest people at the hotel from what I've seen.

You wouldn't want to be presented with this dilemma during an emergency in the hotel:

The pool is really nice, but almost more for show than utility.

And of course there's a big casino.  A very busy casino, which isn't surprising since it's a huge hotel with two 29 story towers.

I'm up on floor 21, with a good view South.


  1. wtf? You are here and did not call?

  2. Uh, we're in Reno, which isn't particularly close to Vegas.

  3. wait - what do you mean WaMu bit the dust? what happened?

  4. ok, I'm stupid! I read location Reno afterwards :)
    I am BACK on the east coast, DUDE YOU MISSED OUT soooooo much not going to Vegas!