Monday, October 6, 2008

Where was I?

So the lack of posting in the days prior can mostly be attributed to not having internet at the hotel we were staying at. That is, the hotel had internet, but it cost $14 a day. The upside to the hotel we picked is that it could not have possibly been closer to our finish line tent.

The event was business as usual. While our job isn't perfect, we could certainly be doing a lot worse.

Then after the race (Lyndsay and Stephen both ran. Congrats!) we hit the road immediately and drove well past dark to get to Elko, Nevada.

After a brief stop for some sleep, we hit the road again and put in another 650 miles today to get to Cheyenne, Wyoming. This picture was supposed to be of the wind turbines, but it's kind of amusing what happens with the slow iphone shutter speed and road signs. This one definitely stands upright, in spite of appearances to the contrary.

During our last fuel stop of the day, Molly was involved in a hold-up.

But eventually we made it.

I forgot to mention that last night I lost my voice in a head-cold related incident, and it has only partially returned at this point. The good news is the cold itself would appear to be fairly minor. I should hopefully be back to normal by the time we get to Chicago.

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  1. I tried to take that same photo last year!