Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today I did stuff! Molly and I went for lunch at Jimmie John's. After that, we picked up Lyndsay and did what is apparently THE fall activity for Michgan residents in the fall when the leaves fall and fall is in the air. We headed out to the Franklin Cider Mill. There we found all manner of pumpkins, gourds, jams, jejjjjjjjjjjuujjjjjjjjjj oh crap the _ key on my keyboard _ust broke off. Where was I? - _ellies, applesauce, carmelized popcorn, cheese, meats, apples, fudge, baked goods, apple pie, and of course, apple cider and fresh donuts.

We didn't really get to see the whole cider press process, but it was interesting to see a water wheel in motion.

they also had done some interesting work using license plates. See Molly's blog for some more examples.

I went with the classic cider and donut combo, and also bought some apple bread and a half gallon of cider for breakfast in the morning. I opted out of getting "a apple" as I was confused by which way the apple would keep the doctor and if that was a good thing or not.

After a stop at Walmart to fix a taillight, I returned to the hotel where I had a fairly productive afternoon. I did my monthy expense report, and after that I sat down and pondered what exactly happens to me as of December 7th. I pulled up blank text documents in order to put some thoughts down on (electronic) paper. - things like how I will translate this _ob onto my resume, what I want from my next _ob, places I'd like to live (below), and resources I should utilize in pursuing a _ob. While I didn't actually do any specific work on getting a _ob (here on called a "position"), I now feel much more focused. I refocused goals, prioritized, and now comes the action.

No, I don't know why I seem to have taken to taking pictures of my laptop screen rather than _ust a screenshot or something. Get over it.

After all that thinking, I needed some food. Nate and I headed over to Olive Garden where, thankfully, nothing awkward happened and the waitress even brought extra mints with the check (SCORE!).

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at Best Buy. Nate and I spent a while looking at TVs while he pondered which model he'd like for his apartment he's moving into in Dallas.

I also stumbled upon a glorious sight, the new Macbook! I'm still drooling over it (or the pro, can't decide which I'd want more), and now that I don't have a friggin' _ key, I have another excuse for why I should think strongly about replacing my four and a half year old laptop with one infinitely superior. I spent a while messing around with it and simply admiring it's asthetic qualities, and I was amazed by the new three and four fingered gestures for the touchpad.

So, tomorrow it's back to work. Things are good. Yeah, the economy sucks, "position" prospects aren't good as a result, I'm hungry and I _ust recently ate, and I'm lacking a key on my keyboard. But things are really good.

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