Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing with Light

Tonight Stephen and I wandered back towards the same walk I took last night in search of a cache and because Stephen wanted to see the Marine Corps Memorial. It's a much more serene place when there aren't busloads of people milling around (I was completely on my own last night).

Stephen took a picture of me taking a picture of him with the Carillon. It was interestingly timed, as Stephen would appear to be a Borg trying to assimilate me and bring me back to his cube-like thing. (I can't believe I just referenced Star Trek.)

The highlight of the walk was the interesting lighting. We started messing around seeing what these magical lights could do.

The black lines weren't visible to the naked eye.

Stephen the sorcerer - or picture taker, depending on the context.

This one is just plain bizarre. I somehow caused my camera phone's light sensor to freak out.

After that walk I parted with Stephen and went the other way through Rosslyn. I saw a car get pulled over by a cop, only the driver's idea of pulling over seemed to be stopping in the middle of the road. That's never a good way to get a cop on your side.

I passed Ood Video... they need to rebrand anyway. Ood has a bit of a ring to it.

Did someone lose some money? Anybody? Just, you know, a little tiny bit of change. No big deal. If you drop the B after the number, it's only $24!

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