Friday, October 3, 2008


Today we set up for the expo, which is a million times easier when we have friendly teamsters who are willing to work. The San Jose teamsters are much easier to deal with and actually seem to want to do something to get paid.

After the exceedingly smooth set-up (other than that we're still missing a truck and two team members), we checked into our hotel. The hotel is the Fairmont San Jose. Fairmont claims they're the largest chain of luxury hotels in the world. I don't doubt this... if luxury means a telephone in the bathroom.

And of course a vanity mirror so Nate and I won't have any problems applying foundation in the morning.

I watched the VP debate, talked to my parents for a bit, and wandered around until I found a burrito place for dinner. Nothing spectacular, but enjoyable nonetheless.

My other major bit of excitement for the day was that I splurged a bit on a camera. I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel XSi with some lenses, filters, carrying case, and tripod. I should have it in a week or two, at which point I'll detail the new toy and you'll probably start noticing the picture quality on the blog going from good to insane. Not that the iPhone doesn't take blog-worthy pictures. But in the future when you click on them, you'll get full high-res photos. At least until I run out of storage space on my blogger account.

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